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First Directional offers new Pilot Plus MWD Kits for sale. We offer Lease and Rental options on Pilot Plus MWD Kits. We also have refurbished Pilot Plus MWD Kits for sale. As the OEM for the Pilot MWD System, we offer excellent support to present owners of Pilot Systems, as well the future owners who want quality, value, and reliability in their MWD services.  Our Pilot Plus MWD platform offers state of the art performance and service at a cost-effective price. Operational costs are kept low while still maintaining a high level of reliability. We are constantly adding features and improving the design keep up with both technical requirements as well as increasing performance demands your customers expect. Check out the new Pilot Plus MWD platform.

Features & Benefits

Retrievable & Reseatable
The probe can be retrieved by wireline to reduce lost-in-hole exposure. Also it is reseated by wireline for cost-efficient tool replacement if operations require.
Cost Efficient
Competitively priced modern design prolongs battery life, interchangeable collar sizes which allows for a wide range of uses from shallow kick-offs to deep horizontal sections.
Low Maintenence
The modern design provides simple operations, easy maintenance, and rapid assembly delivering improved equilibrium utilization and ROI.
Wireless Communication
Between the rig floor computer and an operator's laptop, the product provides rapid rig-up/rig-down of the system. No need for long cables which increases system reliability by reducing the risk of accidental cable damage.
Rotary Connections
Modules are connected using a proprietary rotary connector, which ensures trouble free assembly. The design results in increased service reliability by decreasing incidents of damaged connectors and intermittent electrical contact.
Motor Driven Pulsar
High-torque, high-efficiency brushless DC motor design delivers 100lb force, which produces a sharper pulse shape for ease of detection and improved tolerance to LCM.
Surface Rig Display
Easy to use back-lit, touch screen interface with Windows based software is robust and compact for easy drill floor placement. Digital signal processing ensures that pulse detection is efficient over a wide range of drilling conditions.
Real time and memory gamma data provides lithology identification, casing/core point selection and optimal well placement.

More Info

The Pilot system has proven to be a solid performer and has an excellent performance record in the challenging horizontal drilling market. As the new OEM our intent is to expand on this track record through innovative engineering and quality assurance processes. This will include utilizing Mil-Spec Environmental Screening to detect defective workmanship, weak components, and damage sustained in service, preventing failures in the hole. Today’s drilling industry demands a high standard of performance with little allowance for non-productive time. This requires more pro-active pre-job screening of components to eliminate costly trips on the job. First Directional Rentals has adopted a quality screening process to identify failure potential and eliminate it.

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