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Our goal at First Directional Rentals is to manufacture downhole equipment that provides Quality, Value, and Reliability in a cost-effective manner.  We will continually strive to improve our products and offer upgrades as well as enhancements to the Pilot Platform. We offer OEM repair and maintenance services as well as sustaining calibration and verification services.

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Both mechanical as well as electrical components are of the highest quality, screened to exacting standards. Rigid assembly and repair procedures assure the tools whether new or a repair meet our high standards for quality. There is no substitute for quality at First Directional Rentals.
Todays demanding markets require a high level of reliability. The Pilot Plus system is up to the challenge with its simple robust design. The Pilot Plus MWD system delivers reliability at an extremely competitive operational cost. We focus significant engineering efforts to continually improve our system to keep up with the increasing demands on downhole drilling equipment.
A competitive product needs to be cost effective. To be completely cost effective both cost of product as well as cost to operate need to be kept as low as possible while still maintaining reliability, and quality. The Pilot Plus system meets these requirements and provides one of the highest levels of value in its sector.
A well designed and manufactured system performs at its best. We hold our components to a tight tolerance. Whether our temperature scaled and calibrated gamma modules or our directional modules which are calibrated through the full operating temperature range in our onsite Helmholtz coil. We insist on precision of measurement over the operational range of our tools.

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As the OEM for the Pilot MWD System we offer excellent support to present owners of Pilot Systems, as well the future owners who want quality, value, and reliability in their MWD services.  Our Pilot Plus MWD platform offers state of the art performance and service at a cost-effective price. Operational costs are kept low while still maintaining a high level of reliability. We are constantly adding features and improving the design keep up with both technical requirements as well as increasing performance demands your customers expect. Check out the new Pilot Plus MWD platform

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We offer a variety of services to ensure your Pilot Plus system is running at top notch.

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